Top Coffee Business Opportunity

Top Coffee Business Opportunity - Sisel Kaffe Rocks!

Sisel KAFFÉ delivers
Great Flavor + Income Earning Potential

Is your favorite Coffee Cup as BIG as a bucket?

Do you have a computerized coffee maker
that has your first pot of coffee waiting for you
when you awaken every day?

Do you buy expensive coffee and cheap food?

If you answered “YES
to these questions, Don’t Worry!

You’re like the other 110 million coffee-crazed citizens of the United States who spend an estimated $10 billion per year on coffee at their grocery store. That averages out to about $175 per year per person.

Is your favorite Coffee Cup as BIG as a bucket? - Sisel kaffe RocksIn 2000, according to the National Coffee Association, over 50 percent of those caffeine-enhanced coffee lovers downed at least one cup of Joe every day. The NCA also said that some 25 percent of Americans drink coffee regularly but not daily. The average coffee lover drinks 3.1 cups daily and consumes nearly 10 pounds each year. Per capita, women enjoy 1.4 cups every day, and men have 1.9 cups.

Some folks drink so much coffee that they bleed the brown stuff. If they had their ears pierced, coffee would drip out of the piercing. Are you one of those people? Do you drink it hot in the winter and over ice in the summer? Is coffee-flavored ice cream your favorite? Do you have a special travel cup so that you can drink it while you drive to work? If so, you should think about putting your love of coffee to good use.

You can earn a good income by simply telling your friends, neighbors and business associates about Sisel Kaffe, the best tasting & healthiest coffee anywhere. You’ll be getting paid to drink the finest coffee in the world. Coffee connoisseurs are always looking for the next great coffee brand.

They love the good stuff and aren’t afraid to open their wallets to show their devotion. In fact, the NCA said that about 20 percent of coffee drinkers drop the big bucks on gourmet blends.

People aren’t going to suddenly stop drinking coffee. By spreading the word about Sisel Kaffe, you’ll have a continuous stream of income for years to come. Who would have thought that your daily grind would wake you up and contribute to your bank account?

Whether you take your coffee black and bold or light and sweet, you can turn your passion for the bean into folding cash. Just refer your fellow coffee lovers to our products. Sisel has a coffee flavor for every palette. There’s even a coffee to help you lose weight. You can make good cents cashing in on your favorite eye-opening beverage.

You’ll see that coffee rocks, and Sisel Kaffe Rocks hard!

Why do we drink so much coffee?

When you’re in love, you can’t seem to get enough. You want to get up together in the morning, you sneak a kiss in the middle of the day, you dread being apart. Sound familiar? It seems that we drink so much coffee because we’re having a love affair with it. Indeed, coffee seduces us with its soothing aroma, earthy color and rich, deep flavors. It rewards our affections with warmth and lifts our spirits with a small jolt of energy. Because it comes in numerous varieties and preparations, it appeals to a wide range of lovers – each with their own unique way of saying “I love you.”

Sisel Kaffe rocks premium coffee from panamaFor many of us, the scent of brewing coffee harkens the start of a new day. We look forward to pouring it fresh from the pot and enjoying it with breakfast. On the mornings we can’t linger with our beloved coffee, it willingly rides with us to work or school. Either way, that first sip of the day is an eye-opening comfort. It reminds us that we don’t travel alone on the road of life. Even on the darkest winter mornings, coffee lights up our faces with a gentle, satisfied smile.

Romance, however, is a many twisted thing. There are times when its expression is less sweet than it is compulsive. Yes, this is the caffeine addict’s co-dependent relationship with coffee. Out of control, the addict’s cravings lead to a voracious consumption of coffee. They want – no, they NEED – coffee in the morning, in the afternoon, in evening, before bed. Some have their coffee makers set with an alarm to make sure the first pot is waiting for them as they get up. Friends and family know better than to keep the addict from their coffee craze. Co-workers have an emergency supply on hand in case the nearby café is closed. Without coffee, the addict descends into desperation, experiences headaches and becomes otherwise inconsolable.

Fortunately, there are healthier ways to be in love with coffee. Think of the relief offered by a coffee break at work, or a trip to your favorite café for a coffee date. Coffee fuels our social interactions and ignites spirited conversations. It seems to come naturally after a scrumptious meal at your favorite restaurant. Along with dessert, coffee keeps you and your companion at the table for just a little while longer. Coffee doesn’t mind that you share your affections with other people. In fact, it actually wants you to meet new people. Coffee is truly a lover with our best interests at heart.

In addition to its generosity, coffee proves itself to be adventurous. It plays well with others. Coffee tastes great paired with some of our other favorite flavors like chocolate or cream and sugar. Coffee mixes with pumpkin spice in the fall, chills out over ice in the summer and doesn’t mind cavorting with whipped cream if the opportunity arises. It will take on flavor shots or stand proud and strong alone. Coffee willingly bends to our every fantasy.

And for all this, coffee doesn’t demand fancy or expensive gifts. It is, however, a simple liquid and requires at least a modest container. So we love accessorizing the object of our affection with coffee mugs for any conceivable occasion. We have mugs plastered with comics and pithy sayings. There’s the everyday mug with its delightful, semi-permanent coffee patina on the inside. There’s grandma’s spectacular bone china set with gilded edges and matching saucers. There are coffee cup cozies that crafty types whip up by the dozen. You can even drink your coffee out of a cup shaped like a camera lens. Whatever it’s wearing, coffee models it graciously and thanks us by tasting delicious.

In the end, however we express it, we drink so much coffee because we adore it.

Coffee delights our senses, provides us with a reprieve, introduces us to new people and even gives us a reason to shop! It’s a constant companion whose affections can elevate our spirits and give us joy. So raise your mug today in gratitude and take some time to bask in coffee’s wonders. You’ll be joined by thousands of other lovers, of all different persuasions, who share your affinity for this freshly brewed delight we call ‘coffee’.

Top Coffee Business Opportunity – Sisel Kaffe

Needless to say, you were surprised at your last physical exam when the doctor informed you that your blood work came back and indicated that everything looked normal. After all, you were reasonably sure that it was coffee that has been coursing through your veins this whole time such is your love for the tasty beverage. As it turns out, you are not alone. Indeed, the demand for coffee, always high, has only increased in recent years, and that demand has shown impressive resiliency regardless of these tenuous economic conditions. In this Top Coffee Business overview you’ll soon discover that Kaffe Rocks Big Time!

Recent research suggests that the only concession that coffee lovers are making to the high cost of living is that they are now spending more money for coffee brewed at home than they do for coffee purchased at coffee houses or cafes. As you enjoy that first cup of morning Joe you can’t help but wonder how great it would be if you could combine your love for coffee with your need to make money?

The good news is that this Top Coffee Business Opportunity with Sisel Kaffe will help you transform your passion for coffee into a lucrative work-at-home money making opportunity.

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  • Wow! That’s sounds like something I would enjoy doing. But first, is there a way I can taste the coffee before I commit to joining the business?

    • Thanks for your message.

      YES, if you live in the USA or UK we are happy to send you a small sample of the coffee to try. Use this link to request a FREE SAMPLE. Otherwise you can purchase a bag of coffee (as a customer) to try before you decide whether or not to join us in SISEL as an independent distributor.

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