Gourmet Dark Roast Espresso Style Coffee from Sisel Kaffe

Enjoy premium gourmet style instant coffee made from Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans, there's nothing better than the convenience of having gourmet coffee available whenever you want it. Black ground coffee has helped people lose weight for years.

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Sisel Kaffe: Better Beans Make a Better Coffee

When SISEL decided to enter the coffee business, they had two major goals: First, to make the best tasting coffee possible by roasting only the best beans available and then utilizing state of the art roasting methods. Second, to apply our years of experience to make our coffee not only the tastiest, but also the healthiest and best for you. With the introduction of our premium Kaffé line of coffees, we believe we've not only achieved, but exceeded both goals. Try them for yourself, we know you'll become a Premium Kaffé Club member after your first sip.

In order to brew a world-class cup of coffee, you've got to start with world-class coffee beans and SISEL KAFFE did. They shopped from the back jungles of Brazil to the hills of Hawaii and discovered that the Panamanian Geisha bean was the perfect bean for taste, aroma and color. It's grown in volcanic rich soils and at a higher elevation then most beans, giving it a unique flavor all its own. We know that once you try it, you'll agree with our decision.

Order Sisel Coffee online hereSisel's Unique Processing

Why have the best beans if you don't have the best processing? At Sisel, we take pride in our manufacturing process. We roast our beans using special infrared technology. This allows us to precisely control the roasting temperature as well as how fast the beans are heated and cooled. Only 2% of the coffee beans around the word are prepared in the same way. It results in lower acidity levels, an evenly roasted bean and the elimination of burnt or bitter tasting coffee.

Sisel Coffee: Gourmet Panamanian Geisha Beans from Boquete

Sisel International believes that the best tasting coffee comes from roasting only the highest quality coffee beans from northern rainforest region of Panama and then utilizing state of the art roasting methods. Panama Boquete Geisha Beans are used together with organic herbs such as, Ganoderma, Bacopa and Chaga to produce a delicious and healthy beverage that lovers of gourmet coffee are certain to enjoy.

Sisel provides not only premium coffee blends but Tea as well, e.g. Sisel Fire & Ice fat burning tea. Coffee lovers will certainly enjoy the rich flavor of this Panamanian based beverage and proudly proclaim that Sisel Kaffe Rocks!

100% Organic Ingredients enhance the health benefits of Sisel Coffee

Sisel Kaffe is premium coffee that is easily brewed and enjoyed at home. Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans are grown near an ancient volcano and hand picked instead of machine harvested. Chaga, ganoderma, bacopa and gotu kola extracts contain numerous nutrients, herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. These ingredients are combined with the coffee beans resulting in a blend that offers both physical and mental benefits to those who partake of its flavor.

Chaga is an herb that grows in trees such as birch. It contains many antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. Ganoderma is a mushroom that also enhances immunity and has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine practices. Another herb used is bacopa that improves one's mental functions. Gotu kola resembles parsley and promotes healing and increases energy.

Affordable Sisel Kaffe healthy coffee provides a rich flavor that is naturally sweet without adding sugar thanks to the Panama Boquete Geisha beans used. Individual sachets seal in freshness for a perfect cup of healthy coffee every time. Men and women enjoy this beverage in their own home anytime they desire without having to visit their local coffee shop. This is especially convenient when the urge strikes in the early hours of the morning or late at night.

A Coffee a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The blending of these amazing weight loss support elements with the thermogenic components plus the world's best coffee, create a coffee that is both great-tasting and promotes carbohydrate-blocking and appetite suppression, a feat that is unsurpassed in the history of coffee. RETURN TO HOMEPAGE

Sisel coffee can actually assists your cells to burn fat and create energy! So, despite the claims by some that coffee and caffeine are bad for you, now you have good reason to drink it! You can drink coffee while you lose weight.

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Sisel Coffee varieties available:

Instant Coffee: Black, Mocha & Latte - Ground Coffee: K-CUP, Premium Black & Gourmet Dark Roast Espresso

Light the Fire!

How would you like to have your coffee burn calories for you naturally?

Well, it can! Sisel Kaffe takes it's well-known black coffee beans (Panama Boquete Geisha Coffee) and adds four healthy supplements, plus a blend of four key weight loss ingredients plus seven thermogenic fat burners to create the most unique and astounding weight loss product ever, known as Sisel Kaffe Fat-Burning Thermogenic Weight Loss Support Coffee.

Cornerstone Weight Loss Ingredients:

Sisel coffee is composed of the following four essential ingredients to form a unique synergistic core that supports weight loss by assisting in the process of carbohydrate blocking and suppression of appetite.

  • Garcinia Cambogia extracts: works by curbing your appetite naturally, while helping with the suppression of fat and increase in energy; the boost in energy will create a desire to exercise more, also helping with natural metabolism

  • Green Coffee Bean extract (Chlorogenic Acid): stimulates fat release and the body's fat-burning metabolic processes

  • Raspberry Ketone extract: helps the body break down fats, speeds up metabolism, supports the use of glucose by the body, helps neutralize fat build up and burns fat, while creating energy

  • Sinetrol Mediterranean Diet extracts: increases metabolic breakdown of fat and increases thermogenic fat-burning processes

Sisel Coffee Thermogenic Fat-Burning Support:

These ingredients are composed of chemicals that assist the fat-burning process in the body, which is what is needed to lose weight:

  • Pterostilbene Caffeine: This is a complex molecule that releases up to 8 hours of noticeable, sustainable energy without a dramatic energy and biological crash.

  • Sinetrol Mediterranean Diet Extracts: supports the natural thermogenic fat burning processes within the body. Studies suggest up to 5-6 pounds of steady weight loss can occur per month with some caloric reduction.

  • Evodiamine: Good for supporting increased thermogenic fat-burning and helps fat uptake in cells.

  • Green Tea EGCG's extract: helps your body burn calories naturally by speeding up metabolism as your body burns fat; Research also shows a high correlation between drinking green tea and keeping weight off

  • Chromium Picolinate: Valuable to diabetics; helps conditions insulin receptors which help you burn up fat; creates energy and promotes fat loss.

  • Yerba Mate extract: promotes an increase in overall energy and cardiovascular health and energy

  • Guarana: combines with Sinetrol to speed up the fat-burning processes of the Mediterranean diet; increases metabolism, and synergistically interacts with the other chemistry to create an overall healthy feeling

How Did We Do This?
(The Science behind the Coffee Beans)

Sisel Kaffe starts with the highest quality of coffee beans: Premium Panama Boquete Geisha Coffee Bean, which is ranked by the World's Coffee Specialists' Associations as the best tasting coffee in the world, grown on the slopes of the ancient Panamanian volcanoes. There, nature combines the miraculous ingredients that create this wonder coffee: the sweet soil the coffee tree is grown in, the abundant water it receives, and its exposure to sunlight. The bean then responds chemically by increasing flavonoids to protect itself from these elements and conditions, resulting in exorbitant levels of flavor.

Sisel Instant Coffee - Panama Boquete Geisha Beans

The sumptuous aromas of Sisel gourmet style instant coffee in the morning can get you feeling energized and ready for your day like nothing else. That's one of the many advantages and pleasures of making a creamy latte in the comfort of your own home. Just picture yourself sitting back and savoring a decadent Sisel latte in the flavor of your choice. It's sure to taste better than any latte you've had before.

The Great Taste of Sisel Coffee

The flavor is what it's all about. Sisel has been rated in taste tests as preferable to Starbucks. The greatest attention to detail has gone into Sisel coffee from the start. It is grown in a special micro-climate in soil that has been enriched with lava, which makes it sweet. In fact, we grow the premium coffee beans upon carefully selected slopes of an ancient volcano in Panama.

The Panama Boquete Geisha Micro-Ground Instant Coffee is sold in packs of 30 high quality sachets. It's made with micro-ground espresso style coffee, add your favorite creamer for a wonderful latte experience. Yes, even vegans can enjoy the scrumptiousness of this Latte style coffee. It also contains fresh extracts of Gotu Kola, Ganoderma, Bacopa, and Chaga. With just the right amount and formulations, this latte is a perfect way to reward your taste buds.

Sisel Coffee provides Health Benefits & Financial Rewards

Yet another way that Sisel coffee can really help you is financially. This delicious beverage can help you earn money simply by recommending it to friends, co-workers, family members, and acquaintances. Sign up to have your very own personal Sisel Kaffe home-based business, and you will have opportunities for unlimited income.

Look at this way. If you find something you love, you typically want to let others know about it. Find a great sale at the mall? You post it to Facebook so that your friends can enjoy it, too. If you discover the perfect brand of sneakers, you pass along the information. Now that you have found the perfect coffee drink with Sisel Kaffe, spreading the word can help your friends enjoy it while also allowing you to earn a healthy income.

By being a direct distributor, you can earn really high-paying commissions. With bonuses and the generous Sisel International compensation plan, you are really set up for success from the start. You get to enjoy the delicious flavors and kinds of Sisel Kaffe as you design a healthy financial future.

Instant Café Latte micro-ground Panama Boquete Geisha Sachets are no longer available from Sisel Kaffe. But that's not a problem just add your favorite creamer to the instant black coffee.

Sisel KAFFÉ Thermogenic Fat Burning Weight Loss Support Coffee

The sweet Panamanian coffee beans combined with green tea, Yerba Mate, and organic Ganoderma extract give Weight Loss Panama Boquette Gesha Instant Coffee a rich flavor that helps people maintain a healthy weight and promote good health overall.

Health Benefits of Sisel Kaffe Instant Coffee

The benefits of Sisel coffee go beyond its magnificent taste. It can even help enhance your health. Yes, the good news for coffee lovers everywhere is that recent research has shown significant health benefits to drinking the beloved beverage in moderation. Sisel Instant Coffee Sachets has 11 percent of your recommended daily allowance of riboflavin, which is often referred to as Vitamin B2. It also has Thiamin, Niacin, Potassium, Pantothenic Acid, and Manganese. Our high quality coffee also is a fine source of antioxidants. As long as you drink it in moderation, this stimulant beverage can help keep your energized while being a good source of some vital vitamins and minerals.

Enjoy a Caffe Latte Anytime of Day

More than 80% of Americans are coffee drinkers which is a five percent increase from last year. Billions of dollars are spent by adult consumers each year on this enjoyable beverage served at home or in many of the coffee shops across America. Those who drink brewed coffee in the comfort of their own home can also enjoy daily cups of caffe latte and cappuccino. SISEL Instant Café Latte is made from micro-ground Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans.

Years ago, coffee was not thought to be a healthy beverage with studies saying consumption could stunt one's growth or cause cancer or heart disease. However, modern research has changed those myths. People are now actually encouraged to include a moderate number of cups in their daily diet. Freshly brewed coffee offers an enjoyable, rich flavor full of health benefits. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in the beans help reduce the risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, stroke and cancer. Healthy Sisel coffee is mostly consumed with breakfast, but many adults enjoy a cup with other meals or to relax at the end of the day.

Espresso is derived from coffee beans that have been very finely ground. This beverage is also thicker and richer in flavor than regular coffee. This style drink is thicker and richer in flavor than regular brewed java. Many coffee drinkers prefer the milder flavor of caffe latte that is similar to cappuccino. Both of these styles consist of espresso and steamed milk, but the latter includes more milk. This provides a creamier, milder taste that is also not as thick.

Ultra-rich Micro-Ground coffee with espresso, non-dairy creamer, and extracts of Chaga, Gotu Kola, Bacopa, and organic Ganoderma. Contains 15 sachets of Latte Panama Boquete Geisha Micro-Ground Instant Coffee.

Perfect for breakfast or as a relaxing drink. Black ground coffee, with a taste of premium cream. Contains extracts of Chaga, Gotu Kola, Bacopa, and organic Ganoderma. Sisel Kaffe Latté is enriched with Panamanian espresso and a non-dairy creamer that creates a Latté experience you'll never forget.

Our premium coffee beans are grown in a unique micro-climate on the slopes of an ancient Panamanian volcano. This enriching atmosphere produces sweet coffee beans, when combined with a rich blend of Chaga, Gotu Kola, Bacopa and organic. Sisel Kaffe Latte - Ultra-rich Micro-Ground panamanian coffee plus creamer tastes great anytime of day.

Sisel Coffee - Panama Boquete Geisha Beans plus Chocolate

SISEL KAFFÉ introduces to you the rich taste of Mocha and Panama Boquete Geisha beans in a convenient instant coffee sachet. Now you can wake up and enjoy the soothing aroma of a fresh cup of mocha coffee right at home. In fact, our coffee is enjoyable any time of day or night.

Enjoy the flavor of Premium Panamanian Coffee Beans blended with Rich Dutch Cocoa

Mocha Panama Boquete Geisha Instant Kaffé has a flavorful blend of Bacopa, Chaga, Ganoderma, and Gotu Kola organic extracts straight from the slopes of an ancient Panamanian volcano. The soil is enriched with nutrients from the lava. It is found this gives the soil a sweet taste, which is fortified in each coffee bean. This mocha blend satisfies you every time and gives you the utmost experience. Where you are looking for a rich and indulging flavor or a sweet satisfying cup, the Mocha Instant Kaffé is your coffee.

Financial Rewards of sharing Sisel Kaffe with your Friends

It's impossible to discover something so healthy and yet so tasty that you won't share it with your friends. SISEL realizes this and wants to reward you for sharing this amazing cup of Mocha Instant Kaffé with your friends and associates. That's why they have a financial incentive in place. You can enjoy the company of your friends and talk over a delicious cup of coffee. Introduce them to the world of SISEL and they can order it for themselves right though you.

The best business is one that you whole-heartedly believe in. So if you enjoy every cup of SISEL coffee, you should invest your time in this rewarding opportunity. SISEL offers a generous compensation plan for all their flavorful coffees. This exciting opportunity gives you unlimited potential. Signing up is easy and all you need to do is share the experience to win coffee enthusiasts over every time. Grow your business and have your own team with this easy compensation plan. SISEL coffee is not only good for your health & wellness, it also offers financial gains.

A Great Tasting and Healthy Coffee from Sisel Kaffe

The Mocha Panama Boquete Geisha Instant Kaffé offers more than just a great taste. Each luxuriant coffee sachet is fortified with pure and premium ingredients from various locations of Panama.

  • Bacopa is believed to help aid in memory retention. It has been in studies in regards to Alzheimer's and helps improve memory functions.

  • Known as the "Gift from God" and the "King of Plants", Chaga is the world's best source of pantothenic acid. This vitamin supports your digestive organ health. It also contains a generous amount of riboflavin, niacin, numerous B vitamins, and other minerals that your body needs.

  • The Chinese believe that Ganoderma promotes longevity. Ganoderma is so unique in that it contains over 400 nutrients. Imagine one cup of coffee strengthening your immune system with rich antioxidants.

  • The gotu kola plant has been used to treat infections and improve on nerve disorders. It's known to improve blood flow and aid in circulatory health. Gotu kola helps relieve stress and combat depression.

Now with all those nutrients, you must say, that's one exceptional cup of coffee.

Benefits of Sisel Weight Loss Support Coffee

Kaffe Premium Weight Loss Support - 21oz / 600g bagged coffee. You look forward to that aromatic cup of coffee each morning. As you sip the rich liquid, knowing that it will give you energy to start your day, you probably don't consider its many health benefits. However, coffee has been scientifically proven to combat toxins in the body, promote weight loss, and even help prevent future diseases. Here are several facts proving that coffee is good for you. With help from Sisel Weight Loss Support Coffee looking great has never been this easy or tasted so good. Sisel Kaffe's ingredients suppress appetite and stimulate fat release.

Live Longer

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, coffee drinkers who consumed two to three cups a day were ten to fifteen percent less likely to die for any reason while the thirteen-year study was in process.

A Healthy Heart

Moderate coffee consumption can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some studies even show an effect of lower blood pressure in males.

Reduced Risk of Neurological Diseases

Those who consume coffee have less risk of developing neurological conditions such as Parkinson's Disease, dementia and Alzheimer's. In fact, consumption of coffee has been shown to improve cognitive function. That's why you feel better able to tackle those business emails or write that college essay after drinking a cup of Joe.

Supply of Antioxidants

Environmental toxins, called free radicals, can enter the body and destroy healthy cells. This damage may lead to degenerative diseases and cancers. Antioxidants combat these toxins. Coffee contains flavanols and polyphenols that help repair damaged cells.

Sisel Coffee has Weight Loss Properties

The caffeine content in coffee helps the body speed up its metabolism in order to burn fat and excess calories. Bean varieties such as green coffee contain higher amounts of caffeine and antioxidants that strengthen the body's metabolic function. SISEL KAFFE Weight Loss Coffee, in particular, is specially blended with premium ingredients to nurture your body and even help you manage your weight. Here are just a few reasons why SISEL KAFFE is better than ordinary coffee.

Thermogenic Fat Burning Weight Loss Support Coffee

The launch of Sisel Kaffe weight loss coffee has been delayed due to a shortage of raw high tech ingredients required. Kaffe Thermogenic Fat Burning coffee is a very complex formula that contains eleven active ingredients, some of which have strong flavors that need to be eliminated / overcome by other more pleasant tasting ingredients. It has taken a great deal of effort by the research and development team at Sisel's laboratory to get the balance right to produce a product that not only delivers dynamic Thermogenic Fat Burning properties but also tastes good, in fact it's delicious weight loss support coffee.

Sisel Kaffe Weight Loss Support Coffee with Chlorogenic Acid

Flavor and functionality. Black ground coffee with extracts of Yerba Mate, Green Tea, and organic Ganoderma. 30 Sachets of Instant Weight-Loss Support containing the very finest Panama Boquete Geisha Coffee. Sisel Kaffe Thermogenic Fat Burning Weight Loss Support Coffee suppresses appetite and stimulates fat release.

Containing 11 of the best weight loss support ingredients, the Sisel Weight Loss KAFFE system is a great tasting way to get on track. It is made from the best tasting coffee bean on the market, and it promotes weight loss that is both fast and continual. This micro-ground coffee bean contains ingredients that will help people to stay energized throughout the day as well as help them to burn fat. Another ingredient is a coffee bean extract that impacts the way that fat is stored in the body.

This weight loss system also contains garcinia cambogia, which is a substance that helps people to suppress their appetites and avoid eating too much. It also impacts the way that fat is stored, and can really help people to be more energized. In addition to this, it also contains raspberry ketones, which can help to destroy the fat cells that are already in the body. It helps to improve the ways that the energy is used within the body as well losing pounds. Those who want to stay healthier can also use this weight loss system to help keep dangerous fats from building up in their livers.

There are another seven ingredients that can be used to help burn fat as well, and they work extremely well for those people who wish to lose weigh quickly and keep it off. Many other brands of weight loss coffee only contain one or two active ingredients, but Sisel Kaffe contains 11 ingredients that are designed to work together. Don't settle for a product that doesn't have all of the ingredients needed to really promote and continue to support weight loss. Sisel Kaffe also comes at a much lower price than most of these other weight loss products do. It uses all of the same ingredients that all of the other products use, as well as six additional revolutionary ingredients that can really help to make a difference.

Sisel pays higher commissions to its independent distributors than other MLM Coffee businesses do. That's because SISEL has lower distribution costs resulting from manufacturing this product in-house in the USA. It is a great product to start selling, as it not only tastes great, but it is a great weight loss tool. This is a great investment to get in on, and it is an amazing opportunity. In not long, it is believed that many distributors will get on board selling this great product. Getting involved now is a great way to get in selling a terrific and sensational product.

Healthy Coffee - Sisel Weight Loss Support from Sisel Kaffe

Reduced Risk of Neurological Diseases

Those who consume coffee have less risk of developing neurological conditions such as Parkinson's Disease, dementia and Alzheimer's. In fact, consumption of coffee has been shown to improve cognitive function. That's why you feel better able to tackle those business emails or write that college essay after drinking a cup of Joe.

Supply of Antioxidants

Environmental toxins, called free radicals, can enter the body and destroy healthy cells. This damage may lead to degenerative diseases and cancers. Antioxidants combat these toxins. Coffee contains flavanols and polyphenols that help repair damaged cells.

Sisel Coffee has Weight Loss Properties

The caffeine content in coffee helps the body speed up its metabolism in order to burn fat and excess calories. Bean varieties such as green coffee contain higher amounts of caffeine and antioxidants that strengthen the body's metabolic function. SISEL KAFFE Weight Loss Coffee, in particular, is specially blended with premium ingredients to nurture your body and even help you manage your weight. Here are just a few reasons why SISEL KAFFE is better than ordinary coffee.

Why Choose SISEL KAFFE Thermogenic Fat Burning Weight Loss Coffee?

Top Quality Boquete Gesha Coffee Beans

The beans used to make SISEL KAFFE are not the run-of-the-mill grounds used in other coffees. The Premium Panama Boquete Geisha Coffee Bean is an award-winning cultivation produced exclusively in Panama. The country's rich, fertile soil, comprised of nutrients from ancient lava and volcanic ash, provides sustenance and gives flavor to the beans as they grow on the coffee tree. Couple that with Panama's high altitude, abundant sunshine, and steady moisture from rainfalls, and you have the makings of a well-grown coffee bean.

If you are ready to drink Premium Panamanian Weight Loss Support Coffee and benefit financially from it too, click here to LEARN MORE.

Unique Processing of Premium Coffee Beans

Many generic and grocery store coffee brands are processed using machines and harsh chemicals. The makers of SISEL KAFFE know that investing time and care into processing goes a long way. Their beans are handpicked, sorted, and submerged in a water bath up to two days. This method takes time, but it ensures that all impurities are removed before the beans are dried, hulled, and precision-roasted.

Healthy Ingredients of Sisel Kaffe

When you drink SISEL KAFFE, you know you're not getting just any old cup of coffee. Every serving contains chaga, yerba mate, and evodiamine, among other tasteless extracts, to promote weight loss and healthy metabolic function. SISEL KAFFE uses green coffee beans, which contain a natural acid that improves glucose absorption in the body. Yerba mate supports the immune system and helps the liver rid the body of toxins. Evodiamine not only provides you with energy, but stimulates your system to reduce and burn fat.

With all these healthful benefits, it's easy to see why SISEL KAFFE is the perfect choice for your morning cup of coffee. Premium processing, quality ingredients, and great taste combine to bring you a great start to the day. Try SISEL KAFFE today.

Weight Loss Support Coffee Fat Burning Ingredients

Sisel Thermogenic Fat Burning Weight Loss Support KAFFE is the first weight loss support coffee that combines 11 different powerful ingredients to burn fat and promote rapid weight loss. According to Sisel, other weight loss support coffees on the market contain only one or two weight loss ingredients, or worse yet, they require the user to take supplements in addition to drinking the coffee. These supplements can be expensive and present the inconvenience of having to take multiple products. With Sisel Kaffee, all 11 necessary ingredients are combined in a single formulation, providing a convenient and less expensive alternative. The eleven ingredients of KAFFE are listed below according to their weight loss and fat burning properties.

Four Weight Loss Support Ingredients

Great-tasting Panama Boquete Gesha coffee beans are micro-ground, together with chlrogenic acid. Green coffee bean chlorogenic acid extract increases the consumption of stored fats. Garcinia cambogia extract works to inhibit fat storage within cells. Appetite is suppressed and glucose use is optimized by raspberry ketone extract.

Seven Ingredients for Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee

  • Sinetrol Mediterranean diet extract promotes thermogenic fat burning.

  • Insulin receptor sites are sensitized for increased cellular usage of fats and carbohydrates by chromium picolinate.

  • Pterostilbene crystal caffeine complex not only provides eight hours of sustainable energy but it also offers synergistic support for the action of EGCG and sinetrol Mediterranean diet extract.

  • The antioxidant EGCG from green tea stimulates cellular uptake of fat and increases the metabolism responsible for themogenic fat burning.

  • Yerba mate extract increases fat burning energy.

  • Evodiamine has tremendous fat burning power.

  • Guarana increases metabolism and interacts with sinetrol Mediterranean diet extract to increase their combined power to burn fat.

Because Sisel manufactures the Weight Loss Support KAFFE at its own plant, the cost of production is significantly reduced. The manufacturers of most other MLM coffee products need to buy coffee from private labels, which increases their production costs. With lower production costs, KAFFE has a lower price and higher commissions. Sisel is confident in its belief that millions of distributors and customers will soon agree that KAFFE Thermogenic Fat Burning coffee is a great-tasting product, unique in its combination of weight loss support ingredients, and sold at an attractive price with high commissions for independent distributors.

Caffe Mocha - Premium Sisel Coffee plus Dutch Chocolate

Whether you are curling up in your favorite chair at home, settling in for a day of work at your desk or rising with the sun, stepping into breath-taking scenery on a camping trip, the morning doesn't start without coffee. Just the aroma from a freshly brewed, piping hot cup of life's most savory drink can be enough to get your heart ready for the day and put a knowing smile on your face. Then you take your first sip of dark, hot love, and you know that all is right with your world.

Some wonderful things are taking place in the magical land of coffee drinking. We are learning that our cup of brew may actually be good for us. In addition, all kinds of tasty and healthy additions have reinvented the beverage, and it is even more appealing than ever.

We probably never thought that we would be able to call our favorite beverage "healthy coffee". Now we are learning that our daily "joe" may have anti-cancer properties, and studies show that heavy coffee drinkers are less likely to develop diabetes. To augment these naturally occurring benefits of coffee, we have mixed in additional, healthy ingredients. I'll have another round of healthy coffee, please.

One of the most luxurious ways to enjoy a mug of premium coffee is mocha. Derived from a Turin, Italy coffee beverage, Bicerin, this caffeine drink lets you have your coffee and chocolate, too. Hot coffee plus hot milk plus a shot of chocolate or cocoa powder equals a little bit of heaven.

Sisel Kaffe has put together the deliciousness of mocha and additional, healthy ingredients to create a memorable coffee experience. Now you can enjoy that coffee treat in your home, office or even on a camping trip. Sisel Kaffe starts with premium Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans that are only grown on the mountain slopes of Panama. Here, the combination of soil from lava and ash of ancient and extinct volcanoes, just the right amount of rainforest moisture, intensified tropical sunlight and high mountain air grow the best-tasting coffee beans in the world. We make the coffee even better for your health by adding ingredients that will nourish your body, mind and spirit. To the perfectly roasted and ground Panamanian coffee beans, we add Ganoderma and Chaga. Ganoderma is a mushroom, rich in antioxidants, that boosts the immune system and contains over 400 nutrients. Chaga, the King of Herbs, is both tasteless and odorless, so it is the perfect supplement to add to premium coffee to boost its nutritional value but maintain the delicious coffee taste. Rich Dutch cocoa is also added to the coffee for a deep, smooth sensational drink. With the convenience of individual sealed sachets, you can take a little trip to paradise with Mocha Panama Boquete Geisha Instant Kaffe any time you like, no matter where you are.