Healthy Coffee from Premium Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans

Sisel Kaffe uses premium Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans gently roasted and blended with ancient medicinal herbs; Chaga, Ganoderma, Bacopa and Gotu Kola to created a truly healthy coffee. Sisel Kaffe coffee bean health benefits go beyond the natural antioxidant properties common to all types of coffee to slow the aging process but also help fight the spread of cancer.


Healthy Coffee natural antioxidants and ancient medicinal herbs

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and with its users growing by the day it led to an increase in the companies involved in making coffee products each of them trying to produce a product that would attract the broad market of users. It is as a result of many such companies that the World Health Organization (WHO) has put more stringent measures in analyzing the products produced, and at some point even classified the beverage as a 'Possible Carcinogen'. Then later in 2016 did a report that stated there is no conclusive data to support the carcinogenic effect of coffee.

Research has shown when coffee is roasted it produces a chemical called acrylamide which is related to having carcinogenic effects and a court in Los Angeles in March of 2018 ordered companies involved in making coffee to put cancer warning labels on their products. Such information can be alarming for lovers of the drink, especially in this age where health is a big deal for people.

Sisel Kaffe are coffee makers who have come into the business to change how the product is made right from the choosing of good quality beans to its preparation and packaging. Their processes are tailor made with the client's needs in mind to cater for both a healthy and top quality product.


The Making of Sisel Healthy Coffee

To produce a healthy and delicious coffee, Sisel Kaffe has taken into account various factors:

The Bean

Coffea, which is a flowering plant that produces coffee, has over 70 different species, and there are 20 different grades of coffee from the ones with high caffeine levels to the best type. The company uses the Premium Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee Bean a costly kind of bean that is grown in Panama and has been rated 'The Most Favorable Bean in the World' for twelve consecutive years.

This bean grows in fertile volcanic soil enriched with nutrients from ash and lava from the ancient volcanoes; the mountainous region of Panama has a high altitude and thinner atmosphere that increases the cosmic radiation from the sun exposure to the coffee trees. As a method of protecting itself from the high exposure, the beans produce flavonoids, which add to the flavor quality.

The Roast

Regular coffee beans are roasted at high temperatures of between 230-250 degrees C, to transform the natural soft green beans into dark brown ones that can be ground, making coffee powder. The traditional roasting process can destroy some properties of the coffee and burn away the natural oils. That is why Sisel International has invested in state-of-the-art technology, which uses infrared to cook the coffee instead of roast it, they then cryogenically grind it in temperatures below -150 degrees C, to ensure the oils are still intact.

The Additives

Health supplements play a significant role for coffee drinkers, and Sisel has gone a step further to include herbs that have substantial health benefits to the taker. These products are such as;

  • Ganoderma Extract - This is some ancient mushroom that has been used throughout Chinese medical history. It has been known to increase concentration abilities and reduce stress and anxiety levels through relaxing of the nervous system it has also been said to have cancer prevention and treatment abilities and Sisel have put this formula in their coffee.

  • Bacopa - This is an ancient Indian herb that has been used to help with memory loss and sharpen cognitive functions by improving the transmission of nerve impulses. It also is used as a stress reliever.

  • Gotu Kola - This ingredient has used in Sisel Coffee, and it has various health benefits from the prevention of hair loss to helping with cardio-vascular processes and the protecting of blood vessels, it also helps in promoting healing within the body.

  • Chaga Extract - They have also added this as a supplement to improve the functions of the liver and intestinal health it has also been known to promote healthy blood sugar levels. A significant benefit of this extract is the ability to slow the aging process.

Why "COOKED" Beans are Better than "DARK ROASTED"

  1. Infrared cooking ensures that the beans do not burn as they are being cooked. This ensures that they will retain the best tastes.
  2. Burning of coffee beans under the high temperatures makes the seeds lose some of its whole matter, and the higher temperatures can induce production of radicals. Infrared technology, therefore, is much safer to maintain coffee quality and to ensure no impurities.
  3. If you are a coffee person then you know that there is a particular aroma that freshly brewed coffee produces, the use of infrared helps the beans retain their natural oils and thus making them provide the best smelling coffee.
  4. The Sisel coffee also has low acid levels as compared to the burnt coffee.



Making a Cup of Healthy Coffee

The process begins far from the kitchen; it actually starts with the coffee bean selection. A great tasting cup of healthy coffee requires premium coffee beans. Arguably the best tasting coffee comes from the Boquete region of Northern Panama. That's where three environmental factors combine to produce superior coffee; nutrient rich volcanic soil, ample amounts of pure clean rainwater, and high exposure to the life-giving rays of the sun, i.e. a microclimate that is ideal for coffee production. The premium highlands Geisha Arabica style coffee grown in Boquete draws its rich, full-bodied flavor and sweet aroma characteristics from these three important factors.

What Makes Sisel Kaffe So Delicious & Healthy?

As mentioned above Sisel International uses premium quality coffee. The world famous, award winning Gesha coffee is grown in the rainforests of Northern Panama where the necessary environmental elements to produce superior tasting coffee are found in ample supply, like no where else in the world.

  • #1 Nutrient Rich Volcanic Soil

    The soil in Boquete draws it potent nutrients from the lava and ash deposited long ago by now extinct volcanoes. This sweet, fertile soil is ideal for a coffee tree plantation.

  • #2 Ample Pure Clean Water

    Being in a rainforest on the side of a mountain there is an ideal level of hydration, keeping the ground reasonably soft, enabling the roots of the coffee trees to easily spread and absorb the nutritional benefits of the volcanic soil.

  • #3 Clear Air & Strong Sun - High Altitude

    The Geisha coffee plantation is located on the high slopes of ancient volcanoes in Panama. The benefit of being above the denser and sometimes polluted air at ground level is exposure to the strongest rays of the sun. The coffee tree responds by increasing flavonoids to protect itself from this intense radiation. High flavonoid levels contribute to the unique rich, yet sweet characteristics of the coffee beans, judged the world's best flavor for twelve years in a row.

In summary, the sweet volcanic soil with abundant rainfall and strong sunlight give Sisel Kaffé Premium Coffee its rich full-bodied, slightly sweet flavor.

Additional Healthy Ingredients

Most of us start the day with a cup of coffee. And most people will be happy to know that Sisel 100% certified organic rainforest coffee that is a rich source of natural antioxidants and be content with that. But Sisel didn't stop there they wanted to produce an even better and more healthy coffee. The coffee beans used in Sisel Kaffé are gently cooked rather than roasted to a crisp. Thereby avoiding the possible creation of carcinogens that occurs in traditional high-temperature roasting. Next Sisel Kaffe Healthy Coffee is infused with ancient medicinal herbs; Organic Ganoderma extract, Chaga, Gotu Kola and Bacopa to support a healthy body and mind.

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Sisel Kaffe is truly Healthy Coffee

Coffee is the third most consumed beverage in the world. Many healthy coffee drinkers are very passionate about their coffee and there has been studies that prove coffee has many surprisingly health benefits from daily consumption. Antioxidants are a natural occurrence found in plant-based foods, and coffee is no exception. It turns out that coffee is the most antioxidant rich beverage. The process by which coffee is grown has a direct effect on the natural health benefits available when it's time for consumption. Sisel Kaffe goes to great lengths to ensure the final product is not great in flavor, but also at the peak of its health benefits. Learn how Sisel healthy coffee is produced.

Coffee is Rich in Powerful Natural Antioxidants

Antioxidants are excellent to promote general heart health, and to prevent infection and cancer. When it comes to antioxidants, it's not just the amount in food, but it's more about how much your body can successfully absorb during digestion. Free radicals, a byproduct of digestion, eating and exposure to cigarette smoke, household chemicals and other environmental toxins, cause damage at the cellular level in our bodies. Free radicals are the directly linked to central nervous system related diseases like Parkinson's diseases, Multiple scleroses (MS), Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), diabetes, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases including cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Free radicals initiate a chain reaction of cellular damage and antioxidants are able to chemically interact with the free radicals and neutralize the chain reaction, thus preventing cell damage. Studies have found that when it comes to actually consumption, Americans get more antioxidants from healthy coffee than fruits and vegetables.

Coffee Bean Selection for Flavor plus Health Benefits

Sisel Kaffe healthy coffee is exceptionally rich in flavor and antioxidants because of the beans they use. Sisel Kaffe uses Premium Panama Geisha Coffee Bean. Panamanian Geisha Coffee Beans are grown in an ideal environment for superior coffee. The Geisha Coffee bean is a specific type of coffee bean, originally grown in the village of Geisha in Ethiopia. Geisha coffee beans produce a very strong classic coffee smell, and are the desired verity by coffee drinkers. There are three major factors that positively affect the growth and overall flavor and quality of he finished product. High quality premium coffee is dependent on the optimization of the soil the beans are grown in, the amount of water, and sunlight. Panama, with its unique bean production environment has the best of all three factors that produce the award winning Boquete Geisha Coffee Bean.

Environmental Factors also Contribute to Health Benefits

The soil in Panama has a makeup like no other soil in the world. The beans are grown in the soil close to the ancient Panamanian volcanoes. The soil benefits from being enriched from the lava and ash from the ancient, now extinct volcanoes. Coffee beans get their flavor from the soil the beans are grown in. The ash mixer in the soil drastically increases the soil's acidic level, which is optimal for coffee bean growth. When you factor in the thinner atmosphere due to the altitude of the area, which allows more of the direct energy from the sunrays to penetrate and directly benefit the growth of the Geisha Bean. Boquete, the small Panamanian town is where the Geisha Beans are grown. Boquete also happens to be located in a region that has lots of moisture from the rain forest. This abundantly naturally moist environment provides Sisel Kaffe's Geisha Bean pure and unpolluted fresh water, but also keeps the soil ideal for nutrient extraction by the coffee plants.

Added Healthy Extract Infusions

Sisel Kaffe has discovered an innovative way to take the premium Boquete Geisha Coffee Bean from Panama and improve on its health benefits. Sisel adds a unique organic array of supplements with an infusion process that truly takes the Sisel Kaffe Boquete Geisha Coffee Bean to the next level. Sisel adds Chaga Extract.

The Chaga extract is extracted from the Chaga mushroom. Chaga extract is one of those super foods with a stockpile of health benefits. The healthy Chaga mushroom is filled with the human immune system balancing vitamin Beta-D-Glucans. Studies have found Chaga extract can help regulate heart rate, lower blood sugar levels, stimulate brain activity and metabolism. The Chaga extract has been scientifically proven to reduce the growth of cancer cells in cultured cells, initiate the down regulation of the "cell suicide" regulator Bcl-2 and anti-apoptotic genetic materials. The positive affects Chaga extract has in its ability to help fight cancer, or cancer like behaviors in our cells.

The Chaga extract has also been proven to aid in pain, neuropathy and pain associated with diabetic nerve damage. Change promotes functionality of human blood vessels and initiates soothing sensations during episodes of pain or irritation. The Chaga has also been proven to promote the alleviation of ulcers and gastritis. The Chaga helps the immune system combat Helicobacter, a bacteria known to cause gastrointestinal health issues. The Chaga is rich in betulinic acid. Betulinic acid has been proven to help the body breakdown LDL cholesterol. The Chaga extract has been linked directly to DNA cell damage control, antimicrobial activity and antiviral properties.

Sisel also infuses Bacopa into their Geisha beans. The Bacopa plant has been used as a brain booster for thousands of years. Bacopa has been proven to treat hyperactivity, epilepsy, Alzheimer's, memory loss and anxiety. Bacopa has also been consumed help with joint pain, relief from stress reliever, and as an antidepressant. Research also suggests that it is beneficial as well in the treatment of dementia, blood pressure regulation, and epilepsy related induced seizures.

Sisel Kaffe adds Gotu Kola into their healthy coffee blend to reap the proven benefits of the Asiatic herb. Gotu Kola has been proven to prevent hair loss, and increased hair growth in rats. Gotu Kola also has been shown to protect blood vessels, by increasing the body's production of collagen. Collagen production has been proven to lower blood pressure decrease swelling.

Sisel Kaffe micro-ground coffee is infused with Ganoderma extract to further enhance the health properties of Sisel coffee. The Ganoderma is an edible fungal mushroom that has been proven to help fight cancer, improve liver functionality and boost the overall efficiency of the immune system. There are studies that have linked Ganoderma consumption to help prevent heart disease, combat high cholesterol, and hypertension.

Coffee Bean Preparation - Roasting & Grinding

Sisel Kaffe does not roast their Geisha Beans in the traditional way; instead they cook them using an infrared bean cooking process. Traditionally coffee beans are roasted at 435 oF, but Sisel Kaffe cooks them at 390 oF. By cooking the beans at the lower temperature the beans have less radicals at the cellular level, as is the case at the traditional 435 oF. Infrared cooking also illuminates the burning of the beans, since the infrared 390 oF is much more controlled during the cooking process. The infrared cooking process also produces a much more pleasant coffee smell when brewed compared to traditional roasted beans. Infrared cooking at 390 oF also lowers the amount of acid in the roasted bean, thus lowering the instances of stomachaches from coffee consumption.

Sisel Kaffe has discovered a unique way to innovate in one the world's oldest markets. Sisel Kaffe has been able to drastically improve upon an already health benefit rich product as coffee. Sisel Kaffe is not only a truly healthy coffee but also a delicious tasting coffee.